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What is MaxxiTech

With over 45 Years Experience, MaxxiTech is Australia’s best authority in Ceramic Coatings and Paint Protection for Cars, Bikes & Boats

We use innovative nano ceramic technology to protect your vehicle from rapid degradation, UV rays, harmful environmental contaminants, and more. The most notable ceramic coating benefit, is its water displacing/hydrophobic property that gets rid of all the dirt, grime, and gunk keeping your vehicle spotless and newer with less maintenance.

Our pricing is usually 50% less compared to dealership pricing. We use our very own 100% Australian-made MaxxiTech 9H nano ceramic coating formula for all our ceramic paint protection services. All our services are performed by trained and certified installers. We also provide a nationwide warranty on all our services.

We service you nationwide, including vehicle owners in Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and other major cities.

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

We offer premium and superior nano ceramic coating paint protection for your car, motorbike, boat, and other marine crafts.

Very Happy and Extremely Satisfied Customers

Having looked after the automotive needs of over 35,000 Australian motorists, we know how to deliver industry-best service at the very best value.

Why Choose Us

Icon Excellent Service


Tired of getting held up for ages? Frustrated about talking to uncaring customer support? At Maxxi Tech, we make sure your happy and satisfied.

Icon Fair Price


You don't need to spend $2000 - $3000 to get your car, bike, or boat ceramic coated. Get the protection you and your vehicle deserve at almost half the price. Best services with the best value.

Icon Premium Quality


For your ceramic needs, Maxxi Tech only uses high-quality, top-of-the-line materials. Over 35,000 Australian motorists can attest to the quality of the materials used in Maxxi Tech's services.

Icon Australia Wide


We offer an Australia wide service, backed up with a lifetime warranty on all materials & quality of workmanship.

Why Your Car Needs Ceramic Paint Protection

Ceramic Paint Protection

Paint fading makes your car
feel and look old – resale
value goes down

Damages from bird & bat
droppings, tree sap, etc. can
be avoided

Reduce the effects of dirt,
dust, and staining

The Benefits

Benefit 01

Provides UV protection that
reduces oxidation of the paint
making it look brand new.

Protects against
harsh elements and

Benefit 02

Gives minimum maintenance
– easier to clean and keeps
your car cleaner longer.

The Best Car Paint Protection in Australia

Do you love your car? Are you worried it will lose value over time? Stop this from happening
with our top quality car paint protection products. Being Australia’s number one car
protection experts, we know how to protect your car from UV rays, rapid degeneration
and environmental contaminants.

We offer the best automotive and motorcycle ceramic coatings that are 100%
guaranteed. If maintained correctly, car paint protection requires minimal upkeep and
looks incredible for years.

Sleek Ceramic Coatings for Cars and Motorcycles

Car and motorcycle paint can start to fade and look dull over time. This is especially true
if the vehicle is parked outside. Our ceramic coating keeps your vehicle looking like it’s just
come out of the showroom.

Having undergone testing in some of the harshest environments, we know that our
coatings will never crack and won’t allow dirt and dust to stick to the paint.

Get a Free Ceramic Coating Quote Today

Are you ready to get a sleek looking car without the huge price tag? Follow in many happy
customer’s footsteps and contact us for a free car paint protection quote. Our products
protect your car, preserve its value and keep it looking like brand new!