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Australian Made is Australia’s number one nationwide vehicle protection expert. Offers the best ceramic coating for your priceless
auto, bike,or boat. 

Keep your vehicle’s glossy “SHOWROOM APPEARANCE” & great looks without all the hassle when you get your vehicle paint protection job done by us. Our pricing is usually 50% less compared to dealership pricing.

As a car owner, you need it if:

We offer both exterior and interior treatment. For the exterior, we apply our MaxxiTech ceramic coat on your paint optional glass and alloy wheel protection for an additional fee. For the interior we do vinyl, leather, and fabric seal this adds an additional layer of protection for your car’s interior making it easier to clean.

Every week we are able to help wise car owners all over Australia. The usual reason why they trusted us to do the job is simply because we offer the same premium quality of ceramic paint protection offered by car dealerships at half the price. One more thing is, we offer nationwide warranty which gives them a peace of mind. This means wherever you may go in Australia, you are covered.

Why Choose Us

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Established market leader. 

Australian Made & Australian Owned.

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Highly qualified and experienced ceramic
coating technicians.

Nationwide support and warranty.

Protect against the harsh Australian elements,
with an extra protective clear seal for your vehicle