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NB: All watercraft outside these specifications will require a quote.
*Additional fees apply if your watercraft requires cleaning prior to application.

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MaxxiTech Marine Ceramic Coat

Are you tired of constantly maintaining your boat’s appearance? Discover our revolutionary ceramic coatings, providing the ultimate shield against the harsh marine environment. Our premium, 9H-rated ceramic coating not only protects against fading and oxidisation but also reduces abrasion and guards against chemical and toxic water damage. While no coating is bulletproof, our ceramic formula guarantees easy cleaning and keeps your boat cleaner for longer.

Why MaxxiTech Stands Out in the Market

Though numerous coatings are available, only one has set the standard for serious boaters for years, and that is the Maxxi Marine ceramic coating. Its high scratch resistance, surface hardness, and exceptional resistance to solar, UV, and chemical degradation have made it the go-to choice for nearly every boating application, offering a wide variety of benefits to boaters.

Enhance the resale market value of your boat with our coating, making it a wise and cost-effective investment.

Admire the mirror effect, glossiness, and colour depth that our coating bestows upon your watercraft, ensuring it looks captivating for years to come.

The slick coated surface prevents dirt, and saltwater from adhering, making maintenance less frequent and more efficient.


Protect Your Peace of Mind

Our nano-tech formula ensures your watercraft stays protected, significantly reducing maintenance efforts, including constant cutting, buffing and polishing. For the best results, we recommend hiring a professional.

Cost Effective Longevity

Repairing a boat’s damaged, glossy finish can be expensive and time consuming. Protecting your boat’s finish with our Maxxi Marine 9H coating will keep your watercraft looking better and newer for longer, saving you dollars in the long run.

We’re Here for You

We service major cities including Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and everywhere in between. Talk to our professional technicians today to get a quote for your marine ceramic coating needs!

Call our sales team at 1300 MAXXIT / 1300 629 948.


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